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Dermal Dye is a must-have product for persons affected by skin tone irregularities caused by such conditions as Vitiligo. What makes this product particularly effective is that the formula permits color customization, by allowing the user to match skin tones through the addition of simple food coloring. The product comes in a clear formula, and I just add the necessary combination of colors to achieve the desired hue. Additionally, one of the active ingredients is thought to actually promote re-pigmentation during the coverup process. A tip for mixing the product with food coloring is to mix in small quantities, say not more than one ounce of Dermal Dye at a time. I use a second small container, and then add the colors as necessary. I have found that I can use a one-ounce mix on both hands for about 4-5 weeks.

Troy L

Bought this for my husband who suffers from Vitiligo. He seems very pleased with the results and uses on a daily basis.


Found this product while searching for Dy-O-Derm. I love this product! No-one can tell my skin problem while using this.

Lilly K.

Like many people I have struggled with Vitilago my whole life. I just ordered a bottle of Dermal Dye Max for the first time and gave it a try. I am so pleased with the results. I have white patches under both of my eyes like a raccoon without makeup. I used Dermal Dye Max on one patch and not the other just to see if it made a difference. THE RESULTS ARE SO AMAZING! I definitely would recommend this product.

Ronerta F.

I had been using Dy-O-Derm for nearly 20 years and have not been able to find the product for some time. I came across Dermal Dye Max. Thank goodness, it works just a well if not better than Dy-O-Derm.

Marcus B.

Dermal Dye Max works great!


The results of this product look natural and is not noticeable. If you don’t want to wear makeup try this it works great!

Almague P.

This really helped for some spots on my leg. I do not have vitiligo just some spots from a laser treatment gone bad. This covers it up well.


This product works as advertised and the color is natural. I seem to need to apply it every 3-4 days before it starts to fade. Great product, wish the results lasted forever!


I use this for Vitiligo and it really helps. It doesn’t match my skin exactly but sure makes it almost unnoticeable. I would recommend this to anyone.


Product works good and is reasonably priced compared to the other solution out there.


I have been using this product to cover white patches on my face. It is the only product that I have used that really helps hide the discoloration.



Sally M.

This product is a life saver. For anyone who suffers from vitiligo knows it really is hard to deal with. The only down fall is not to use too much because it can turn very dark.


Dermal dye is a clear, watery liquid. Its applied about every 5 to 6 days as needed. The dying effect takes some time, a few hours to develop. It takes a little practice to get the optimal shade. It is not make-up. However it does cover up the unpigmented areas so they aren’t noticeable. I used Dy-O-Derm in the past however that’s no longer available. Dermal Dye Max is a good alternative.


It works. My skin is it’s gorgeous golden brown again.

T. Cesare

Great stuff-really works!

Amazon Customer

This magic bottle was literally a game changer for me. I am a brown eyed blond who always tans easily to a dark golden brown. We spend months in Key West and I’m constantly in the sun. After undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer I have survived the disease but ended up with Vitaligo and large areas of white where the radiation burned out the cancer. It’s been so embarrassing for me….I’ve tried everything there is to “cover” the white areas. Make-up, self tanners others dyes….nothing really worked. Everything washed off in the pool or didn’t cover the white spots. Now I’ve finally found the solution. This is so easy to use…dries immediately….works gradually over 12 hours or so and matches my tanned skin so well I can now where anything and feel like a million bucks. The embarrassment is hard to describe if you have never experienced vitiligo. The spots were so bright white and they continue to pop up. Dermal Dye is a life saver. Definitely worth trying. I have no personal interest in the product. I just have suffered for so long with vitiligo.

Sally M.

Love this stuff!!

Coleen S.

Something that finally works!

Shannon B.

This is the only product I have found that has helped me cover my Vitilgo. I have tried several types of makeup including foundation, powders and concealer however these wash off and do not last all day. Dermal Dye Max works great. I apply it every couple days with a Q-tip and it not only works great but it lasts! Thank-you!

Violet P.

This product was delivered quickly and put it right to use on spots on my skin and the results are good.

Byrana T.

Years ago I used Dy-O-Derm and have been unable to find it for sometime. I found this product on Amazon and it works better tan Dy-O-Derm.

Steve B.

Dermal Dye Max, AWESOME!

Latisha R.

I purchased Dermal Dye Max and found that it developed a little to dark of color. I tried to dilute some of the solution with water and the results are excellent.

Ray G.

In a nutshell if you are looking for a temporary solution to keep your white patches from standing out, it works. I will buy it again.

Drummond K.

I like this product. It made my vitiligo less noticeable. It doesn’t completely cover up but it’s better than any makeup I have tried and I don’t have to worry about it staining my clothing.


Used on my hand and lower lip while the patches have not totally disappeared, the results were a good improvement.


I have tried to cover vitiligo on my face and it is an extremely tricky thing. So just when I thought there was no way of covering it perfectly I discovered this amazing solution and guess what? It works perfectly and finally I don’t have to think about whether or not my makeup has faded away!

Trish B.

I love this product! It’s a must have with those who have the condition of vitiligo. I add to my foundation and airbrush my make up! Its lovely!


Product is very potent and stays dyed for days. It simple to use, yet I highly recommend using gloves before handling the product. Any stain on your hands will also last several days.


Very good product to reduce the appearance of pigment loss due to Vitiligo.

Alan C.

Love this stuff!

C. Sauve